Hot This Week: P. Blackk’s “Brainz”, Rashad “Out of this World”, and The Urban Decay “Real Life Music”

P Blackk- “Brainz”

What’s America scared of? Columbus emcee P. Blackk answered that questioned with the release of his second single for the upcoming Blackk Friday, entitled “Brainz.” Produced by Iye of Fly.Union, P dropped knowledge and a glimpse of his own views towards society on the hype track. As his buzz continues to grow around not only Columbus, but the entire nation, P has stayed true to his authentic style that has helped him become one of the more popular emcees in the 614.

Rashad- “Out of this World” 

Columbus hip hop and R&B guru Rashad of Elevator Music came out with more fire this week for his upcoming project, “Museum”. Released on Soundcloud, Shad’s new track “Out of this World,” is a definite jam to sit back and vibe to. Rashad has a knack for implementing dope samples in his productions, and “Out of this World,” is a prime example of that. Listen here.

The Urban Decay-Real Life Music

Columbus’ newest hip hop group, The Urban Decay released their single single of their self titled LP, which is set to release in November. Entitled “Real Life Music,” UD offered a dope cypher over Drake’s “Paris Morton Music” instrumental. Featuring emcees YS, and MC Carrel, the single is a nice travel into the minds of the group and what life is like for them. Get hip to Columbus’ next wave of talent and listen here.The Urban Decay-Real Life Music


Hot this Summer: Columbus artist YS releases second studio album

After six months of intense preparation, Columbus hip hop artist YS, birth name, Zach Fleer, released his second full length studio album on Wednesday, June 15th Read the rest of this entry

NEW DROP!!! Willie Maxx-Raindrops feat Alex

The Fly Artist of 2010 is back with another hit! NasaGang’s Willie Maxx collaborates with Alex, who recently dropped his Love and Power Mixtape with Ricky Toon, on this dope track. Download right here on The Daily Hop!

Columbus’ Top Emcee Presents Ricky Toon vs Juvi Sosa

After a controversial second day of voting, The Daily Hop is back with a matchup of two of the city’s premier artists. On one side is Ricky Toon, the transcendent emcee who changed Columbus hip hop with the release of his last mixtape in November. Opposing him is Juvi Sosa, the Mafia Money rapper who has been climbing through the ranks of Columbus since dropping his first mixtape during the first few months of 2010. I’ll begin with Ricky Toon.

Ricky Toon-After the drop of “Snapbacks and Nike’s” in November, everyone around Columbus knew Ricky Toon was a force to deal with for years to come. Showcasing an ability to spit a million flows, produce all his own music and take over a city used to the same type of hip hop, Toon is an artist everyone should know. Working with artists such as Alex, Dc The Guy, E Dot, Willie Maxx, Zac Fresh, Yung  Luciano, YS(myself), DJ IQ, DJ Hylyte and King Killa, the clientele the artist has built up in a short time is astounding. With two mixtapes under his belt, the first being Forever Live Young, Ricky Toon followed strong with Snapbacks and Nikes which was a hit once it went viral in the city. For Toon, the thing that sets him apart in his words are his, “strong delivery and I’m very versatile, I have a million flows.” Already making a mark in the city, Toon has landed gigs at local locations, such as Bernie’s, and the Static. Take a listen for yourself.

Juvi Sosa-Opposing Ricky Toon is East Columbus’ Juvi Sosa. Sosa, who is a conglomerate part of Mafia Money Entertainment, run by Yung Luciano, is already drawing comparisons to Young Jeezy in the way that he can spit lyrically and stay street at the same time. With one mixtape under his record, “Bad Newz” which was released in April, Sosa followed with an unreleased tape in July in which every song was leaked through the internet. Using the past six or so months to create a classic piece of music, Juvi is scheduled to drop his second mixtape “Fuk The Industry” sometime in the next few days. This is all in preparation for Bad Newz 1.5 which is expected to be a classic. Working with label mates Yung Luciano and Just Neez, Sosa has also collaborated with YC, Kid Coogi and JuniorThaKidd but even Sosa said he doesn’t like features all that much. Sosa believes he is different from most artists in Columbus in that, “First, I ain’t with that local sh*t, I’m trill, I’m an artist that tells stories from life experiences while these dudes are just rapping to rap but not all, shoutout to all the real artists out here. MAFIA MONEY WHOA!!” Take a listen for yourself.


Lamonte-Fck Dis World

Arguably the best song I have heard coming from any artist in Columbus thus far in 2011, Lamonte is back with another hit. A mix of lyricism, realness and emotion makes this song a definite hit. Listen for yourself.

Columbus’ Top Emcee Presents F.H.S.P vs Real.i.c

On the second day of the search for Columbus’ top emcee, the Daily Hop presents two sides of hip hop that Columbus may not be accustomed to. Out of the south side is F.H.S.P, a two man group who began operations in 2005 and have been performing all over Central Ohio ever since. On the other side of the ring is New Albany’s own, Real.i.c, the smooth emcee who is in the process of becoming one of Columbus’ top artists. I’ll begin with F.H.S.P. Read the rest of this entry

Hip Hop Spotlight: Real.i.c

Written by: Matt Quinn

Zach Fleer was granted the opportunity to interview New Albany artist, Real.i.c. Locals around the area say that Real.i.c brings a new style of music that is “chill” and relaxing. Compared to Lupe Fiasco and Kid Cudi, this artist hopes to soon find himself on top of Columbus Hip Hop, along side Ricky Toon, Yung Luciano, and Willie Maxx, among others. Read the rest of this entry

Steez-Galaxy Flow feat Lamonte

DreamTeam artists Steez and Lamonte come together on this banger, “Galaxy Flow.” Steez, who released his most recent mixtape in December, “Elevator Music” is back with another hit. Download “Elevator Music” at DatPiff.

Columbus’ Top Emcee Presents Young Mech vs Trey Cash

Coming from the city’s Westside is Young Mech. Matched up against the self proclaimed “Prince of the Cap City,” is the Northside’s own Trey Cash. The Cashonomics CEO (Trey Cash) is coming into this matchup with four mixtapes under his belt and a fifth on the  way. Read the rest of this entry

Willie Maxx wins Fly Artist of 2010

After 24 hours of voting, The Daily Hop and Fly Era presents “Fly Artist of 2010”, Willie Maxx. Read the rest of this entry